Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Prot; How to in 3.3.5?

Hey, It's Starbuy again, and welcome to my review, analysis and tips on how to be a succesful Prot Paladin in 3.3.5! As we all know, Prot Paladins are the tanks of our beautiful class. I will be talking on many topics, and hopefully, you will all learn at least 1 thing, and maybe I, will learn some things :P Without further delay, let me begin;

1. Talent Spec.

To be honest, You don't really have many choices here. 0/53/18 is almost exclusively the best way to spec, end of. A spec which looks like; is the best in terms of survival, utility and TPS. Which is, as a tank, what you need.
Glyphs are included in that link :P

2. Rotation.

Rotation is a tricky one. We are loosely bound to a 969 tanking rotation, but how well you do that rotation is quite dependant. The way I tank is by using a priority system, along with a sort of FCFS (First-Come, First-Served) rotation. Basically, You need to ALWAYS keep Holy Shield and Consecration up if you want to keep some good TPS. You also need to keep JoW up if you don't want to oom. Avenger's Shield is always a good choice as a high TPS move, and so is SoR. HotR however, sits as more of a filler move. It provides constant TPS on a short CD, but tbh, It is dwarfed by all our other moves, therefore my priority system looks like this;

3. Gearing

I know I am going to get slated for this, But I shall say it anyway. On MOST tanking gear, iLvl really is everything. The possible exclusions to this rule are trinkets and Tier pieces. The reason for this is very simply, the higher the iLvl, the more stamina it has, and Stamina, is hands down, our best stat (after Def. Cap ofc).
You always want to push for T104pc ASAP. It's an extra defensive CD, tied into an ability you always use, what more could you need. I would much rather take a tank with 4pcT10.251 than someone with full 277 in those slots but no Tier.
Now then, the tricky subject of trinkets. I am going to assume you have def. Cap when I write this list :P The trinkets are ranked in descending order;

H-Juggernaut's Vit
H-Sindragosa's Flawless Fang
H-Unidentifiable Organ
Corroded Skeleton Key
N-Sindragosa's Flawless Fang
N-Unidentifiable Organ
N-Juggernaut's Vit
Glyph of Indominability
Heart of Iron
The Black Heart
Brewfest Trinkets

So yes, Go in that order :P

In the case of Librams, Just go straight for the 264 one. It's BiS by a long margin :)

4. Gemming

Ok, aim for def cap, which is 540. After that, use Austere Earthsiege Diamond in your head. Then, stack stamina blindly, pretty much. Ofc, you want to activate your meta, but one Nightmare Tear or a Regal Dreadstone. Easy.

5. Enchants

Not really debatable here. Just grab these :P

Head: 37stam/20def
Shoulders: 30stam/15resi
Back: 225armor/12dodge
Chest: 275HP
Bracers: 40stam
Gloves: 18stam OR Armsman
Belt:Eternal Belt Buckle (Filled with +30stam)
Legs: 55stam/22agi
Boots: 22stam
Weapon: Blade Ward
Shield: 18Stam

Only grabs Armsman if you have threat issues. If not, get the stam.

6. Flasks and Pots

Grab a Stoneblood (+1300 HP) and a Indestructable Pot (3.5k armor for 2mins). If you massively outgear the encounter, skip the pot and grab Endless Rage (+180AP) over Stoneblood.

7. BiS gear list.

Here it is, the final part of this little post, the absolute, BiS list :)

WEP: H-Mithrios, Bronzebeard's Legacy – 284
SHIELD: H-Icecrown Glacial Wall – 277
HEAD: H-Sanctified Lightsworn Headguard – 277
NECK: H-Bile Incrusted Medallion – 277
SHOULDER: H-Sanctified Lightsword Shoulderguards – 277
BACK: Sentinel's Winter Cloak – 264
CHEST: H-Sanctified Lightsworn Chestguard – 277
WRIST: H-Gargoyle Spit Bracers – 264
HANDS: H-Sanctified Lightsworn Handguards – 277
BELT: Verdigris Chain Belt – 264
LEGS: Pillars of Might – 264
FEET: H-Grinning Skull Greatboots – 277
RING 1: H-Devium's Eternally Cold Ring – 277
RING 2: H-Band of the Twin Val'kyr – 245
TRINKET 1: Dependable, but generally H-Juggernauts Vitality – 258
TRINKET 2: Dependable, but generally H-Sindragosa's Flawless Fang – 277

So there we have it. The end :) I hope you all know more about Prot Paly's now, and continue to use this resource to help you :) If you have any requests, please leave them in the comments and I'll see what I can do ;)


 Also; Sorry about the font :P I decided to change it :)

Hi There :P

 Hey!! Starbuy here :) Now I'm not going to lie. I play World of Warcraft a lot. So much, I decided to make a blog about it. More specifically, about the magnificent (and rather sparkly) class that is 'Paladins'.

 In this blog, I will be making regular posts about The future of the class, where we stand now, and where we used to stand, In both PvE and PvP.

 Anyway, a little about me. I'm a 16 year old guy, living in Leicester, England. I've played a Paladin since late TBC, and since then, have become a semi-hardcore raider. I raid using my little bedroom rig, which, surprisingly, allows me to output 60-100 fps on near-ultra settings (all but view distance and dynamic shadows)! I also am running using a stable internet connection, with roughly 4mb/s download speed, transmitted on a rather expensive router and received by a rather cheap wireless adaptor :P However, I still manage to hit around 50-100ms at the worst of times.

 Now, about my in game character. I play a Draenei Paladin on Frostmane EU, surprisingly, called Starbuy! It was my first character, and will most likely always be my main, simply because i love the depth and diversity of the paladin class. I have raided as all 3 specs, But at the moment, I am specializing in Protection and Holy, however, i know my way around a fair ret spec (topping 14k on Saurfang with 10% ICC buff :P). My gear; In Protection, I am geared completely from ICC25 or higher, Retri ICC10 or higher and Holy, mostly ICC10, with a few ToC pieces, But I'm working on it (I still maintain a pretty constant 8-10k HPS on most fights, so not awful :P)

 Continuing on; In this blog I aim to look at the ins-and-outs of the paladin class, where we originated from, how we are at present and where we will one day be. I am currently preparing a few blog posts on the lovely subjects of;

 - Holy Power and How it affects you!
 - Prot: How to in 3.3.5?
 - Retri: How to in 3.3.5?
 - Holy: How to in 3.3.5?

This -should- all be posted in the next 3-4 days, and then you can feast your eyes and learn all there is to know, about the wonderful class of Paladins.

 Welcome along to; Palapalooza!